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In the wake of the devastating effects of Hurricane Fiona, a Newfoundland woman is going viral for her sense of humour and can-do spirit.

On Sunday, reporter Ben Cleary shared a photo of Krystle Collier standing beside the rubble that used to be her Port Aux Basques home.

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The warmer weather is starting to kick in within Canada, which means that icebergs will begin arriving in Newfoundland shortly as part of their journey from Greenland.

While it may seem strange to spot giant glaciers cruising through the Maritimes, it's actually an annual occurrence in Newfoundland.

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Throughout Canada, you'll hear some pretty unique accents and phrases — but nothing quite compares to the Newfoundlander way of speaking.

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A new RBC report says that COVID-19 has "supercharged" the migration of Canadians to Atlantic Canada and there are a few key reasons why.

According to a report from RBC economist Carrie Freestone on October 4, the "regional renaissance" has seen a record number of Canadians move to the eastern provinces, likely spurred by lower COVID-19 numbers and way better house prices.

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With Hurricane Larry heading towards Atlantic Canada in the coming days, it is a reminder of the deadly hurricane that struck Newfoundland over 250 years ago.

According to The Weather Network, on Saturday, September 9, 1755, a hurricane hit Newfoundland, killing roughly 4,000 people.

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