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Driving on Highway 401 is scary enough without the looming threat of flying wheels.

A 23-year-old Ottawa woman was sent to the hospital on Sunday after her vehicle was struck by a loose wheel while driving down the 401.

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An Ontario driver is "lucky to be alive" after a wheel flew off a transport truck and slammed into his vehicle on Thursday morning.

According to OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt, the incident occurred on the westbound lanes of Highway 401 near Highway 427 after one of the truck's wheels became separated and flew off an overpass onto the 401 below.

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An Ontario school bus driver is facing charges after reportedly driving a short distance with a child caught in its doors.

According to Brant County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), the incident occurred on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, at approximately 3:56 p.m. with officers responding to a police assist call in the community of Mount Pleasant.

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A routine drop-off ended in quite a scare earlier this month after a school bus in Mount Pleasant, Ontario, drove several feet with a child trapped in its front door.

A home surveillance camera captured the moment Derek Tappen's five-year-old son William became trapped in the front door of his school bus as it drove off.

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OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt took to Twitter on Thursday to express one of his biggest "pet peeves" about Ontario drivers. Brace yourself, highway commuters. This hot take could hit home.

"I was coming down Highway 400 this evening, traffic volume was relatively light, there was a good flow of traffic, and all of a sudden, there'd be a slowdown and a stacking up of vehicles," Schmidt said.

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