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Une voiture laissée trop longtemps à un endroit, un stationnement en double, une vignette que tu n'as pas remarquée, il y a plein de raisons qui peuvent te conduire à une contravention quand tu te promènes à Montréal. Tu vas devoir être encore plus vigilant.e à l'avenir parce que le prix des tickets va augmenter en 2023.

Sors ton portefeuille, fais un budget amendes ou prend bien le temps de scruter les panneaux autour de ta place de stationnement parce que les du Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) et autres contrôleur.euses de parking t'auront à l'oeil. Selon la Ville, cette augmentation des frais pour les constats d'infraction s'inscrit dans la stratégie Vision Zéro qui vise à atteindre un bilan de zéro décès et blessé grave sur les routes de l'île d'ici 2040.

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People parking illegally in accessible spots is on the rise in Ottawa and the City says that they have given out 100 tickets to people without permits in over a week.

"This is definitely higher than average," said Alison Sandor, Public Information Officer for Ottawa's By-law Regulatory Services.

"Grocery stores are very busy. And you know, people just want to get in, grab what they want to get, go. But we're seeing a lot of people without a permit parking in these spaces. Enforcement like this is really important because who else is going to ensure that these spaces are available for the people who need them?"

At around 12:30 p.m. on May 31, Ottawa By-law Services announced that it has issued the tickets across the city since May 24. A photo posted to Twitter shows an officer issuing a parking ticket in a "by permit only" space at the Costco parking lot at Blair Towers Place.

"While parking spaces may be limited, please do your part to ensure that Accessible Parking spaces are free to be used by those who need them," tweeted Ottawa By-law services.

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Trying to find a spot to park in Toronto can be a challenge, but what's worse is getting hit with a parking ticket.

According to an analysis from the Toronto Star published on August 9, these are the top ten hot spots where people were dinged with a ticket in 2020:

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The big city can be all-consuming, and with spring around the corner, it's the perfect time to escape for an afternoon.

There are a ton of day trips from Toronto that are under three hours away, meaning you can fit the whole adventure in one day. 

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If getting out and exploring more is one of your New Year's resolutions, then you need to add some of these spots to your list.

These beautiful places in Ontario prove that it's one of the most stunning provinces to live in.

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