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Let's be honest: most people slack off at work now and then.

But losing your job over Pokemon Go is not something that happens a lot — especially when the "catch 'em all" part of your job is to catch criminals.

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Clubs and crowded bars are definitely not for everyone, and sometimes that scene can get a little old. Luckily we live in a city that has options for all different kinds of bar goers, especially those who consider themselves a little more on the "nerdy" side.

Whether you're into Harry Potter, World of Warcraft, or basically any vintage arcade game known to man, then we have you covered!

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All Pokémon trainers know just how beneficial lure parties are to their cause. In general, a good location for lure parties is one where multiple PokéStops can be accessed from a single spot. In Toronto, the best spot to catch Pokémon is Jack Layton Ferry Terminal because several PokéStops are clustered closely together. But due to the high volumes of players at the terminal lately, the city is urging Niantic to remove the PokéStops in the area, and a fence is even going be put up to keep the players out.

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Pokémon Go is no longer just a game. Now, catching 'em all is a legitimate paid position.

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Forget the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal - the CNE is going to be a hotbed for Pokémon this year.

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