If you’ve been trying to think of a popular baby name in Canada that could help make your child rich, look no further!

New research from ManySpins has found that names like Domenic, Raj, Sunny and Fiona have pretty high earning potential, with those at the top of the list earning over $60,000.

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The local health authority has issued an alert about a potential Saskatchewan super-spreader event. 

In a news release on Sunday, January 10, Saskatchewan Health Authority reported that people attended Crackers Restaurant and Karaoke Bar in Saskatoon while infectious. 

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Apartment hunting during a pandemic can be a tricky business. A real estate agency found itself in a difficult situation following an open house in Toronto. Potential home buyers were exposed to COVID-19 on September 19 after being shown a property on Bowden Street.

According to CTV News, the showing, which was organized by Home One Realty, took potential tenants to view an apartment where a person with COVID-19 was currently living.

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