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Donald Trump had a frightening moment last weekend when his plane's engine failed, prompting an emergency landing in New Orleans not long after the plane took off.

The incident occurred on March 5, Politico reports, and since then, Trump has turned to his supporters to help him fundraise for a new "Trump Force One."

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Back in June, Trump put on his typical spectacle of hollow exclamations and oscillating hand movements at a speech in Iowa, where he spoke about the border wall (again) and America's desperate need for immigration reform.

As he carried on, it seemed like business as usual, until he threw a curve ball that no one expected - a shout-out to Canada and its leader Justin Trudeau.

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This article isn't about politics. It's not about choosing sides, or pointing fingers, or assigning blame, or proving a point. This article is simply about people. People helping peopleHumans helping humans.

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Back in November, The Seattle Times published an article that posed a striking question: Should California, Oregon and Washington join Canada? Such article was a response to the overwhelming support in America for the secession of the three states, and it appears the concept is still picking up momentum four months after it was proposed.

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Move over, USA - there's a new "land of opportunity" in the game.

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