Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra finally revealed the 2021 Oscar nominations Monday morning, and the award ceremony is shaping up to be historic.

2020 was a strange year for movies, as Oscar-nominated films received very little box office money due to theaters across the nation being closed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but many still shined on streaming platforms. 

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There’s a little more hope on the horizon! On Monday, an American biotechnology company announced that the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine candidate has shown promising results in its trial stages.

In a statement shared on November 16, Moderna released a statement sharing information about the possible shot.

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A COVID-19 vaccine in Canada could be on the horizon! A Quebec-based company is reporting “promising results” from their vaccine candidate, which is currently in its early trial stages.

In a statement shared on November 10, Canadian company Medicago confirmed that their Phase 1 clinical trials had been going pretty well.

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