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Toronto is home to some of the coolest neighbourhoods around, and it has proven that in a recent ranking of hipster hoods.

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There are hundreds of restaurants in Toronto, thousands even! So sometimes it gets a little challenging to pick where your next spot should be. Even as I write this, I got too overwhelmed with all the new options on the Uber Eats app and ended up going outside and ordering street meat... oops.

So we've narrowed down the choices to some of our favourite eateries in the city. ENJOY!

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Every year the MuchMusic Video Awards take place on a glorious Sunday in June and the portion of downtown Toronto surrounding the MuchMusic headquarters on Queen St. W SHUTS DOWN. But before this year's show, we figured we'd give you a peek into what makes the MMVAs one of the most chaotic and unique awards shows in existence.

Photo cred: Femme Fatale Media

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