Arizona might be known for its deserts, but there are some truly stunning green spaces hidden throughout the state — and you can only get the best views by rail.

The Verde Canyon Railroad offers an amazing four-hour sightseeing experience through central Arizona, where you can see the completely untouched greenery of the state from a route that only a train can reach.

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You’ll feel like a stowaway on a cargo train when you stay the night in one of these boxcars on a lake in Georgia

The Kampgrounds of America Site at Lake Oconee has old railroad cabooses that you can rent for your stay.

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"If it's free it's for me", the motto of people everywhere. In most cases it doesn't matter what it is, but even better when free accompanies something fun to do — like checking out the Gold Coast Railroad Museum in Florida.

On the first Saturday of every month, the museum offers free admission to people wanting to explore the beauty and history of trains and railroads at their little spot in Miami.

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