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Do you remember what your 5th birthday party was like? If not, it's probably because it wasn't as cool as Drake's son's birthday party.

On Tuesday, Drake posted a few images of his son, Adonis, at his birthday party on Instagram and the kid looked like he was having a blast.

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It's no secret that Toronto is cursed when it comes to the weather. Every season has its downfalls - the city gets heavy rains in the spring and summer, freezing wind chills in the fall and merciless snowstorms in the winter. Such conditions can sometimes discourage people from going out and enjoying their city.

But there's a new spot in Toronto that serves as a safe haven from Mother Nature's relentless grasp. Cineplex opened a massive adult playground called The Rec Room in Roundhouse Park, and it's the perfect place to go to even on bad weather days. Everything you need to have a good time can be found in the 40,000-square-foot facility, from games and entertainment to satisfying eats and booze.

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We all love a good night out. Getting into a cool outfit, hanging out with your best buds and having a great night. But sometimes going out can get kid of boring. The night lingers a little bit, not much is going on and you've run out of things to say or do. 

If you get bored super easily and are always looking for something new and exciting to do, this is the list for you. Here's a list of places to go out if you HATE being bored:

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Earlier this year, Cineplex announced that it would be opening a massive entertainment facility in Toronto called The Rec Room, which would function as an all-around gaming and sports bar for adults.

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