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We've all had terrible roommate experiences, but this TikToker's story might be the messiest.

TikTok user Asa Volts recently took to the app to rant about her roommates, who apparently sent her a Venmo payment request for a few slices of pizza she ate four months ago.

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For most of us, it has been officially more than one year since we made our last set of Friday night plans.

In place of bars, movie theatres and nightclubs, we've been filling our weekends with Netflix and, well, usually more Netflix. But just because our plans have to be lowkey doesn't mean they can't still be fun.

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Toronto is full of beautiful architecture and this converted church is a is a prime example.  

This amazing Toronto church has been converted into a 5 unit condo just a few steps away from Yonge Street, the subway and parks!

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Living with roommates can be a hassle, especially if you found them on Kijiji. It's practically impossible to afford a place on your own in Toronto, that's why many of us resort to living with someone else.

Sharing your personal space with another person can be quite of an inconvenience. There are certain things he or she does that drive you crazy and the confrontation is super awkward. You'll be late to work because they take too long in the shower and you'll end up cleaning after them, even though you don't consider them a friend.

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First year residences are spaces filled with nothing short of a surplus of hormones, bad lighting, cheap beer, and textbooks that may or may not be opened; welcome to first year! To all that have been through the charming experience of residence you can relate to the weird feeling of trying to become best friends with 30 plus people who’ve been hand selected (by a computer) to live next to you. And you all know that no one has the same experience in residence, but the forced closeness seems to ensure that some things in residence are almost bound to happen. From the awkward sans bra run ins in the co-ed bathroom at three am, to TMZ gossip level floorcest (ie. hooking up with your next door neighbour), there’s experience that will happen. And the people who make it happen? The people on your floor, duh.

The people on your floor obviously include the fearless duos who take on all these compressed hormones, the roommates. The two who take on living in close quarters to the next extreme. Memories, alcohol, clothes, body odours? All together within a 2 metre radius? How exciting! These strange conditions produce some duos that you will definitely meet (or you probably were them) and be happy that you did.

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