Roti is available in Toronto in bulk, because of the large number of Indian, Trinidadian, and Caribbean immigrants, and their children, who live in the city, which lead to not only a lot of demand for roti, but to the growth of several roti shops, and restaurant/take-out establishments that sell roti. Because roti is such a popular part of Toronto’s food and beverage industry it’s actually one of the best places in Canada to get high quality roti inexpensively.

Toronto has so many roti shops, as well as restaurants and bars which sell roti, that picking a roti establishment that’s decent quality, and not too pricy can be an extremely overwhelming process. If you're craving roti, Toronto is the best city in Canada to be extremely picky and opinionated about your roti's taste and texture.

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You haven't experienced deliciousness unless you've had Indian food. Okay, that's a little bit of a biased statement, but Indian cuisine is really one of the best, and if you haven't had it before you're seriously missing out. If the only Indian dishes you've ever had are butter chicken and naan, you've really been missing out.

Luckily, we've prepared this list of 10 Indian restaurants you absolutely must try. Toronto is filled with tons of great Indian restaurants, and we've narrowed it down to the best ones. Try one, try 'em all!

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La nourriture des Caraïbes, c'est toujours mieux dans un casse-croûte! Si tu ne le savais pas, maintenant tu le sais. C'est tout simplement parce que c'est souvent plus authentique un véritable Antillais qui prépare ta nourriture avec plein d'amour et de saveurs. Sans mentionner que les portions sont plus que généreuse!

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