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sharks in florida

There are sharks in Florida, and it's sometimes a surprise to Northerners when they visit the beaches. For one New Yorker, it was a shock at how unphased people are to see these wild animals swim close to shore.

The social media creator, @savannahhannah_, went on TikTok to express her thoughts on how "Floridians are different" after her friend warned her there was a shark in the ocean and to get out of the water.

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Clearwater beach in Tampa, Florida, is a huge tourist destination, so when a TikToker caught footage of a potential shark in the water, you can only imagine how people reacted.

The clip shows a fin eerily close to shore and two adults just standing there, staring at it. Many people watching the video wondered why they never moved and didn't know what to believe.

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It's no secret that the Sunshine State's oceans are home to all kinds of marine life, and specifically sharks of all kinds. From Hammerhead to Tiger and even Great Whites, it's not likely that you'll see one on your visit to the beach; however, one massive shark was captured on video in Florida swimming near the shores of Biscayne National Park.

Ironbound, the great white shark, was spotted by Ocearch circling around Sand Key, one of the northernmost islands situated within the park's coastal ecosystems according to a comment left on their Instagram post. 

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