Les Blainvillois ont peut-être eu une surprise en passant devant l'un des bars les plus populaires de leur ville, le Général Sherman, puisqu'il est maintenant à vendre.

L'établissement de deux étages ainsi que son terrain de 71 700 pieds carrés sont sur le marché pour la somme de 2 150 000 $.

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A 28-year-old woman has purchased the Toronto property where Barry and Honey Sherman were tragically killed in 2017, reports The Toronto Star.

In the winter of 2017, philanthropists Barry and Honey Sherman listed their home for just under $7 million and were in the process of selling it, when their bodies were discovered by realtor Elise Stern on December 15th.

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Photo cred - TheStar

It is pretty clear that Toronto is a booming city for successful people. People even move here from all across Canada just to further their careers based on the wide range of opportunity that the city has to offer.

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