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There's a special kind of nostalgia for the things you used to love as a kid. Whether it's a Nanaimo bar or getting maple taffy at a sugar shack, some of the most powerful memories are about snacks.

You probably remember how exciting it was when your parents let you pick out a treat at the grocery store. Among the seemingly endless choices, there was always the iconic snack — CRISPERS.

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Reaching for a bite to eat is one of the happiest moments of my day. I'm the kind of snacker that needs something wholesome to get me by, but it has to be tasty.

I've always been a fan of crackers that complement a cheese board or pair well with a good dip — like Triscuit Original Crackers. When introduced to the Triscuit Original Minis Crackers, my fondness quickly became a love affair. I often grab them for the road or as a snack at work.

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Cette année, de nouveaux dépanneurs montréalais ont volé la vedette alors qu'ils importent des snacks et sucreries dignes de tes rêves les plus fous. Depuis le début de novembre, les ré de la Rive-Nord n'ont plus rien à envier à la métropole parce qu'un tout premier dépanneur rempli d'importations uniques, le Munch!z Exotique, vient d'ouvrir ses portes à Laval et ça va te faire vivre toutes sortes d'émotions.

Ce qui rend le Munch!z Exotique unique, ce n'est pas seulement les produits importés des quatre coins de la planète, mais c'est aussi la variété et l'exclusivité de l'offre :

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This is not your average snack shop. Cheetos mac n' cheese, street taco-flavoured Lays chips, and moonberry Twinkies are just some of the mind-boggling treats you'll find at Toronto's store for rare snacks.

Rare Snacks Toronto has a massive stock of limited edition snacks that are not easy to find. It's an online store that ships internationally.

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Many things have changed over the course of the past year, including the way that grocery shopping gets done. 

If you’re one of the many people who are still a little wary of heading into grocery stores, you’ll be glad to know that picking up a few last-minute ingredients or snacks to fill those quarantine cravings is now easier than ever, all thanks to Goodfood.

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