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Usually, the first day of school is a dress-to-impress kind of day, but what happens when that day doesn't go as planned and you end up getting caught for something you might not be proud of?

On Tuesday, Durham Regional Police (DRP) caught a driver speeding in a community safety zone on the first day of school.

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You might want to check your speedometer every once in a while because an Ontario driver was caught speeding 200 km/h on Highway 407 over the weekend. That's double the speed limit!

The worst part is, according to Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), the driver said he "didn't realize he was going that fast." Oh boy, what a horrible excuse.

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A teen is probably longing for their new licence after they floored it on an Ottawa road.

On Monday, the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) caught a 16-year-old going double the speed limit, which landed the driver a 30-day licence suspension.

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Talk about pedal to the metal! The Ontario Provincial Police's Ottawa detachment tweeted on Friday morning that they caught a driver speeding almost 200 km/h on Highway 417.

Shortly after 6:30 a.m. on June 24, the OPP East Region tweeted that they caught a driver going 198 km/h on Highway 417. The speed limit on Highway 417 ranges from 100 to 110 km/h, meaning that the driver was going nearly twice as fast as the posted speed.

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A driver on Highway 401 in Augusta Township has been charged for speeding and for driving with a newborn not buckled in their car seat, police said.

On May 19, the East Region detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police said an officer had stopped a driver for speeding on the highway. The officer also found a newborn that was not properly secured in a car seat.

The driver was travelling 142 km/h, according to police. The posted speed limit along Highway 401 is 100 km/h in most areas.

Police said the infant inside of the vehicle was not buckled in the car seat, for which the driver was charged.

"ALWAYS secure children in a proper car seat & according to weight/height," police said in the tweet on Thursday.

Under the Highway Traffic Act, speeding 30-49 km/h over the posted limit could result in a fine of $6 per kilometre. The offence of driving while a child passenger is not properly secured can result in a $200 fine.

Earlier in May, a bus driver was caught going 106 km/h in a 60 km/h zone with kids on board. The driver was charged with racing a motor vehicle and excessive speeding that’s up to 49 km/h over the speed limit, in line with the Highway Traffic Act.

The bus driver was also charged with stunt driving under Ontario's latest rules. As per the new rules, drivers found to be stunt driving could face a maximum fine of $10,000.