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If you catch yourself making references to growing up in Coquitlam, or if you currently live in Coquitlam and you just like to vent about the small things that really annoy you about your city, this is the article for you. 

Some of these slight nuisances may include 1) Waiting almost a complete decade for a highly anticipated SkyTrain system 2) Struggling to clean up your yard after some hungry bears rifled through your trash bins 3) Our very very limited shopping mall.

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If you're like me, you get stressed a whole hell of a lot. It's really easy to get overwhelmed when you're juggling multiple jobs, friend groups, activities and hobbies on a day to day basis, while still trying to get a decent amount of sleep and not let your body soften to gelatine-like levels. 

I am stressed by nature, meaning that very small, insignificant things will stress me out, basically every day i.e. someone cutting in front of me at the drive-thru will send me into a mental frenzy for at least 15-minutes. And which you might not be as anxious as I am, I think we can all agree that stress is bullshit and no one likes to have an uncomfortable amount of pressure on them. 

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Your summer was freaking lit. You went to Thailand, Shambhala, Fvded and the Celebration of Lights. But I hate to break it to you honey, summer is over and it's back-to-school season.

It's time to start embracing the 99 and layering on those sweaters because fall has arrived and your return to UBC is near.

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The Niagara region is one of the most sought after places in Ontario to visit. It has incredible spas, wineries, breweries, restaurants and of course, Niagara Falls. 

The Niagara region can be categorized by a couple different towns: Vineland, Grimsby, Niagara on the Lake, Virgil and many more. If you live the small town life, you know that the struggle is entirely real. 

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We all have our guilty pleasures. Some people can't live without coffee, some can't live without reality TV and some can't live without aspartame. I would know, I used to be addicted to it myself. I can thankfully say I can live without it now, but the addiction was too real. 

It's well known that people are either team Pepsi or team Coke. No, they do not taste the same. Diet Coke is another world, it's the tears of angels. No matter what anyone tells you, you can't give it up. You assume your addiction is okay because other people are addicted to worse things. 

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