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Torontonians could be in for a much smoother commute this month, thanks to a new TTC initiative that aims to double-up on service and improve security.

The move is launching in response to the agency's latest ridership models, predicting a 10% to 15% jump over the next few weeks.

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Riding the subway should just be a means to get where you're going, but recently it seems commuters may have more to worry about than just getting off at the right stop.

Toronto Police Service (TPS) is asking for the public's help to help identify two suspects who assaulted a person at Don Mills Subway Station last month.

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One Subway worker has died, and another is in critical condition after a shooting at a store in Atlanta, where police say an angry customer opened fire over his sandwich toppings.

More specifically, he thought they put too much mayonnaise on it.

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Looks like Subway just took things to the next level with the release of four brand-new sandwiches. They're called "Ultimate Cheddar Grillers," and they're cheesier than ever.

What makes these different from other Subway menu items? For starters, these indulgent sandwiches are toasted and grilled (double whammy), plus they're topped with two portions of Canadian cheddar cheese for the ultimate hot and melty goodness.

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One of the nation's largest fast-food chains, Subway, is currently under fire following a new lawsuit targeting the sandwich shop's tuna.

The suit is being filed by two California women, Karen Dhanowa and Nilima Amin, who claim the meat does not contain a "scintilla" of fish, leading them to believe the tuna is actually fake.

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