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Tim Hortons has a new trick-or-treat bucket for Halloween that you can get filled to the brim with Timbits!

It's the season for ghost tours, haunted houses, pumpkin picking, haunted mazes and all things spooky as we count down the days to Halloween and even Tim Hortons is getting in the spirit.

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From sweet to savoury, Nanaimo bars to all-dressed chips, Canadians have some much-loved treats and snacks that visitors love to try out.

The TikTok account @polkadotpassport, run by Nicola, who is from the U.K., aims to explore different foods of the world, and she recently gave some ratings out to some Canuck staples.

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La compagnie canadienne Tim Hortons vient tout juste de sortir un produit édition limitée pour l'été et gageons qu'il fera fureur sur les plages du Québec. Eh oui, tu pourrais te prélasser sur une boîte de Timbits géante. Loufoque? C'est sûr qu'avec ce flotteur pour le moins original tu risques de te faire poser quelques questions lors de tes séances de bronzette.

Imagine manger les fameux petits beignets allongé.e sur une boîte de Timbits, y a-t-il quelque chose de plus canadien que ça?. Tu pourras te procurer tous les items de la collection limitée dans les Tim Hortons participants dès ce mercredi 29 juin, soit juste à temps pour la fête du Canada.

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If you've ever been to Tim Hortons, you know there are so many Timbits flavours but you might not know that there are quite a few that don't exist anymore and some of the sound pretty delicious.

The bite-sized treats that are now Canadian classics have been around for more than 45 years, being introduced at the Canadian coffee chain in 1976.

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Drake is showing some love for his fellow Canadian musician Justin Bieber, and it's the wholesome Canuck content that'll warm your heart.

On Monday, June 6, Bieber's new Biebs Brew, which is a french vanilla cold brew, launched in Canada and the U.S. The three flavours of Timbiebs that were introduced in November 2021 also made a comeback.

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