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Toronto is a city filled with successful men, it would be nearly impossible to list them all. CEO's, designers, charity organizers, artists, athletes - I've gathered a list of talented, hardworking and dedicated gentlemen in the 6ix that are worth recognizing.

If you need some career inspiration,  these guys prove that it's completely normal to change career goals in your 20's and do something that you truly love and be successful at the same time. This makes them pretty badass right? In no particular order, let's take a look at 10 guys that have pretty badass jobs in Toronto:

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Guys with enchanting eyes have the ability to hypnotize someone in split seconds. When you notice a guy with nice eyes, he automatically becomes prince charming in your perception.

We see these gentlemen and they take our breathe away. We admire them. Their eyes are alluring in every single way, whether they're striking in colour, have the perfect eye shape or simply have the power to attract anyone.

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Not every man is capable of rocking long hair, but those who can, are smoking hot. More specifically we're talking about manbuns, yes guys with manbuns. There's just something so freaking sexy about a guy who can pull off this look. Whether it's a top knot, a full bun or low man bun (yes there's a difference between these three.)

Manbuns are taking over our city, they're everywhere. We love them, we appreciate them and enjoy seeing these beautiful men with gorgeous locks. Here's a list of 17 hot Toronto guys that can tie their hair in a messy knot and make us want them even more:

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Truth be told, a guy that has a beard looks more manly (and you know it.) It's something about dating a guy with a full load of facial hair that makes him much more attractive. When the sexy beast in a man awakens and he's ready to get it on, the beard plays an important role in this transformation.

According to studies, facial hair has a powerful influence on a mans health, masculinity and parenting skills. Here's a list of 16 hot Toronto guys with beards who are confident and desirable and very attractive with their five 0'clock shadow:

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Hunka-dee hunk hunk hunk, how can we resist? Who doesn't love admiring a good-looking man?  Let me tell you, there are many guys from Toronto that are worth stalking via Insta and they are sure hard to resist. ??

They squat, they lift, drip with sweat and that sure makes them badass; helloooooo beefcake show me your workouts please. You can tell, these guys dedicate hours at the gym and make sure their bods are on point ?? The amount of Torontonian studs is unlimited and it was very hard to narrow down a list. We've recognized 25 Fit Toronto Girls You Must Follow On Instagram and now it is time to creep up on the guys.

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