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Canadian winters can be a bit of a drag, so if you're looking for something to perk you up, this might be it. Flair Airlines is offering Canadians the chance to come out of hibernation and create some unforgettable memories.

Starting November 30, 2022, the low-fare airline is hosting a massive contest series that will see 25 people and their lucky plus-ones packing their suitcases for a sweet adventure to a destination of their choice.

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While local visits or BFF road trips might keep your urge to travel at bay on most days, if you can't help but daydream about faraway lands every waking hour only for foreign scenery to fill your head at night, your wanderlust and you might be overdue for a much bigger trip to international destinations.

If you've already been bitten by the travel bug, you've probably seen amazing landscapes and monuments in your lifetime. However, there are so many underrated places in the world that most millennials have never even heard of and probably never will, despite their dazzling beauty and astonishing history.

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Bursting with cozy cafes, exciting seasonal activities and dreamy landscapes, Vernon is an ideal destination for a romantic retreat this winter. Get ready to grab your sweetie and whisk them away to this winter wonderland.

There are plenty of accommodations for an intimate ambiance, where you and your S/O can spend some much-needed quality time together. Book your stay at a cute bed and breakfast, rustic cottage or luxurious resort.

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When it comes to road trips, one of the best times to go is fall. The changing leaves make for amazing views and the cool air means plenty of stops for hot drinks and cozy snacks.

If you're looking for a charming escape, New Hampshire is ideal for an autumn adventure — New England style.

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The leaves are starting to go from green to gold and folks are swapping out their sandals for booties — fall has officially arrived. But even though the temperatures are dropping, you don’t have to leave all those outdoor adventures behind.

Call your friends and pack your bags – it's time to trade in the chilly, crowded city for an escape to the sunny Okanagan, where cozy fall vibes are a given.

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