City officials in the Netherlands have had enough of all the catcalling that women face, so they're launching a new campaign to show men exactly how awkward it feels to deal with that kind of thing on a daily basis.

The Dutch city of Utrecht aims to cut down on sexual harassment with the campaign, which will involve a woman cat-calling men from a screen set up downtown.

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When it comes to Canadian house prices, a new report has found that most residents are not feeling great about the market right now. 

The 2021 Housing Pain Index by the Angus Reid Institute surveyed over 5,000 Canadians and found that "at least 55 per cent of residents in every province canvassed are either Uncomfortable or Miserable." 

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Whew. Life is rife with awkwardness and taboo topics. But it's about time we change that. Let's challenge social barriers and prepare to get a little uncomfortable for the sake of becoming blockage free — emotionally, socially, and physically.

We get it — you've been taught that some things are just better left unsaid. Talk about money? Not in polite company. Having the kid chat with your new beau? Only if you want to come on way too strong. Tell your toilet tales? Definitely not.

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