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Family and friends of country singer Jake Flint are expressing their grief online after the 37-year-old musician died over the weekend, hours after exchanging vows with his new bride.

The musician had just gotten married to Brenda Flint and he died several hours later in his sleep, according to his agent Clif Doyal. Flint's cause of death is unknown, Doyal told CNN.

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Most brides have an expectation of what they want their big day to look like, including the look of the wedding party.

However, one bride is being roasted online for demanding a bit too much when it comes to one of her bridesmaid's hair and the reason is that it costs too much.

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There are plenty of unwritten rules at a wedding, but trying to outshine the bride as a guest might be the biggest no-no of all.

One man says he’s found himself in the impossible situation of trying to talk his wife out of re-using her wedding dress for a relative’s wedding, and the debate is getting more complicated than you might expect.

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It's expensive enough to be a wedding guest, but how would you react if a couple set a minimum "price" on your cash-only gift?

That's the conundrum one Reddit user found themselves in after a bride and groom informed their guests that they should pay a "minimum of £250 cash" as a wedding gift. The couple added that if guests don't plan to follow that rule, they shouldn't come at all.

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The former Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico just shared some exciting news on Instagram, where they revealed that not only have they been dating for two years, but they're now married.

In a shared Instagram reel, Miss Argentina Mariana Varela and Miss Puerto Rico Fabiola Valentin posted a series of videos and photos from their trips together, and the posts build up to their engagement and finally the secret wedding they held a few days ago.

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