If you haven't binged the second season of You since its release on December 26, what exactly are you waiting for!? The only reasonable answer is that you're busy binging season one, and if that's the case, then we forgive you. For those of you that are caught up, you've had the pleasure of meeting the newest character additions to the series in You Season 2, such as Forty Quinn and Delilah Alves, who, in real life, are soulmates! 

Spoilers ahead. 

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Round up your squad and prepare to make the dream team! Halloween is the perfect time to show everyone just how awesome you and your friends really are. 

So whether you're trendy AF and need a brand spankin' new costume for 2017, want to do an epic throwback or just want something totally weird and funny, these are some of the best. Here are 37 Best Group Costumes For Halloween 2017 That Are Totally #SquadGoals.

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We've all felt the pain of so called "hot" housing markets in Canada. Millennials aren't moving out because well, we just can't afford a freaking home! The ability to afford a house in places like Toronto and Vancouver is basically non-existent.

Not everywhere in Canada is expensive to buy a house though! You could buy a business and an entire 6 bedroom duplex for less than a fraction of the price as a home in other cities. You could even buy MULTIPLE homes or cheap waterfront property to build your home. So see how far your money could go with these $100,000 homes in Canada.

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