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A man in B.C. bought tickets for a group of friends to go to a nightclub and when they decided not to come or to pay for the $80 debt, it ended in a deadly public shooting in 2006. The shooting happened in a parking lot in Burnaby, the day after the tickets were bought.

The man who was convicted of killing someone in the incident and wounding another recently appealed the case, and the appeal was allowed in part.

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This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

A man in B.C. is now sentenced to jail time after admitting to attacking his kitten, which then had to be euthanized due to being "brutalized."

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A B.C. man has been allowed to proceed with his $50 million lawsuit against Facebook after the social media platform attempted to have it dismissed by the court.

The man is suing the company over an "imposter page," which he claims Facebook should not have allowed to exist.

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A township in B.C. auctioned off a man's land for about a tenth of the price that he paid for it, without giving him proper notice.

The Okanagan township that sold the man's property without his knowledge is now ordered to pay $350,000 to Anthony Brent Morgan.

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A woman who took WestJet to court arguing that her unused travel credits with the airline shouldn't have expired has had her class action lawsuit dismissed.

Tiana Sharifi received $993.26 in WestJet travel credits after she booked flights but then voluntarily cancelled them. She later used $571.46 of the credits but after one year, her remaining credit of $421.80 expired.

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