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Flight data suggests the China Eastern plane crash that killed 132 people in March was caused by an "intentional" act in the cockpit.

U.S. officials say they've taken a first pass at data from the crashed flight's black box, and it suggests that the controls were deliberately adjusted to put the flight into a steep dive before the crash, reported the Wall Street Journal.

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Major streaming services in China have gone on a Keanu Reeves purge, stripping their platforms of any titles related to the Matrix star — in a move even the Oracle couldn't see coming.

The Los Angeles Times reports that last Monday, China's main streaming services, including Migu Video, iQiyi, and Tencent Video, removed the "vast majority" of content relating to Reeves from their sites.

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A China Eastern Airlines plane carrying 132 people crashed in the mountains of southern China on Monday, officials have said.

The domestic flight was due to fly from the Chinese city of Kunming to Guangzhou, near Hong Kong, but the plane crashed in the mountains of Guangxi before it could reach its destination.

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The U.N. General Assembly has overwhelmingly voted to condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine, with very few countries taking the other side.

Member states were called to a vote during an emergency session held among the UN's general assembly on Wednesday.

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Watching reporters present live news isn't always exciting, except for when they get dragged off the screen by a shouting stranger.

That's exactly what happened to a Dutch reporter for NOS during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics on Friday, after a Chinese security guard barged into his shot and pulled him away.

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