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Summer in Canada is glorious for plenty of reasons, but one that particularly stands out has to be all the outdoor farmers markets that pop up across the country.

There's nothing quite like taking a sunny stroll with your pals, trying some fresh, locally sourced eats and heading home with seasonal fruits and veggies.

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Summer is more lively than ever this year with the return of exciting in-person events across the country.

No matter where you are, there’s something going on: music festivals, farmers markets — you name it. Translation: now’s the time to make amazing memories and new friends.

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It's pretty hard out here for a vegetarian. With the likes of BBQ here in Texas, the options are very limited for non-meat items. Sometimes it's but only one side on an entire menu, and even then it's a boring salad. Dallas took notice of this problem and created the Texas Veggie Fair for all the vegetarians out there. This November 2, the festival will be in its new location at the Dallas Farmers Market.

You'll be able to attend the event for free so all you have to worry about is bringing cash for all those yummy, veg treats. This annual event is not only the largest veg fest in Texas, but full vegan too! Some of the vendors include Fineapple Vegan, Down To Earth Vegan Kitch, and El Palote Panadera. There's plenty more on the roster. 

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There is no better adventure to be had than with your BFF! You two are each other's best company and for good reason - you just get each other. Fall is the ultimate time for a getaway together- and honestly, you do not have to go far. 

There are great places outside of Toronto and the GTA that make for a great day trip. So this fall, take in the sites with your number one travel companion!

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It's almost that time of year again! Where we actually enjoy eating fruits and vegetables because they're finally in season. Nothing says summer like going to a farmers' market on a weekend to pick up some fruit, try out local food, and leave with a bunch of delicious food. If you've never been to a farmers' market, now is your chance.

Most farmers' markets don't just have food, they have clothing, jewelry, and more often than not there are adorable dogs brought by customers so you can just pet dogs all day. Sounds like a great weekend to me! So here are 11 farmers' markets you need to check out this summer in and around Ottawa.

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