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live music

If a trip to Germany is on your bucket list but you can't make it over the ocean, this massive Oktoberfest event in Ontario can satisfy that itch.

Bingemans Oktoberfest is a celebration over three weekends full of craft beer, Bavarian eats and live entertainment. The festival weekends start on September 23 and you can enjoy different themed bars and games that will make you think you're in Munich.

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Chudleigh's Farm is hosting a good old fashion night around the fire with freshly pressed hard cider and live music.

So, if you haven't had a chance to head up to a cottage this summer, you can experience a massive bonfire with all the fixings in a short drive from Toronto to Milton.

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Getting to escape to one of Canada’s music festivals is one of the best things about summer. Nothing beats seeing your favourite artists with your closest friends by your side — and if you can get the VIP treatment, then all the better!

This year, RBCxMusic has epic plans to make your festival experience one to remember, with perks for RBC clients and music fans across the country.

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Have you ever been to a live music event and felt joyfully connected to the people around you, even the ones you’ve never met? How about feeling more friendly, relaxed and happy at a festival?

If you answered “yes,” you're not alone — and there's even science to back up these feel-good vibes.

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This weekend is Father's Day, and let's be real, dad doesn't need another mug, neck tie or case of beer, so why not give him a fun experience together. (Okay, maybe he wants that beer, too).

Whether you're celebrating a father figure this weekend or you're looking for fun activities with your friends, these events in Ottawa will catapult you into summer. Here are seven things to do in Ottawa this weekend that you'll want on your radar.

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