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One woman found love in a hopeless place. The 1975's concert in San Francisco, CA on November 29 was just the vibe, and her wing woman wasn't one person, but the entire audience.

The creator (@angelinahazzouri) uploaded a video to TikTok on November 30 and received 9.7 million views. It shows a woman in the audience holding up her phone on Tinder as she went through a swiping spree.

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It's rough being single nowadays, and one TikToker showed the world just how hard it really is to put yourself out there with a "dating wrapped" presentation on how things went for her in 2022.

Amber Smith's presentation has already caught the attention of over 1.4 million people on TikTok, and she's being called "iconic" for her hilarious idea.

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After Hurricane Ian swept through Florida, lineworkers made their way to the Sunshine State to help with electric restoration efforts. Many women are pleased as their Tinder pages now have fresh faces... though the employees' wives aren't so happy.

Over the weekend, countless videos have been posted to TikTok of online dating app feeds full of electricians and the linemen's significant others are banding together to try and put a stop to it.

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It's embarrassing enough to find your best friend or ex on a dating app, but how mortified would you be to find your own sibling on there?

That's what happened to one TikToker on Hinge, except the app took it to another level of cringe. Not only did she find her brother on the dating platform, but Hinge listed him as the "most compatible" guy in the area.

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Summer love is in the air, and while you may be having a blast, you don't want to lock down your boo too fast!

Toronto is notorious for its challenging dating scene, but just because you've found a potential partner doesn't mean you should jump the gun and put a title on the summer love you just swiped right on on Tinder.

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