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If you work in Toronto and regularly take the TTC, you might as well combine the two, right? Especially since the pay is no joke.

The TTC is looking to fill several high-paying positions, which to be real, is the kind of job you need just to afford to live in Ontario these days.

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Like a lot of things in Toronto, TTC fares are constantly changing. Even the way people pay to get on transit evolves every couple of years. So, staying up-to-date can be tricky.

For example, commuters paid a standard fare of $3.20 throughout 2020-2021, partly due to a price freeze in the latter year. But, things are slightly higher now, and if you're someone who relies on transit, even just a 1 or 2 cent increase can impact what your savings look like at the end of the month.

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The TTC isn't everyone's cup of tea but if you ask the average Toronto transit rider, they'd take the subway over a city bus any day of the week.

A post on Reddit has started a bigger conversation about why the TTC subway doesn't start running until 6 a.m., at the earliest.

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Toronto's Union Station doesn't have a new TTC map, but you may notice something different on one of them.

A Reddit user in a Toronto subreddit posted a photo of a TTC Map with LCBO locations added beside stations in marker on October 25.

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The TTC announced its plan to remove several stops from its 506 Carlton streetcar route "to speed up trip times and improve customer experience."

On Tuesday, the TTC stated that starting October 13, 506 streetcars will bypass stops on Carlton and College Street between Ossington Avenue and Parliament Street to make way for various "important construction projects."

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