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house prices in canada

Canada's housing market is constantly surprising both buyers and sellers.

If you've been interested in buying a home in Canada, you've seen super high prices, and lately, you might have noticed a "correction" in the cost of homes.

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Canadian homebuyers could expect some relief coming their way next year, as housing prices in Canada are expected to plunge.

A new report by TD Canada has found that Canadian housing prices in 2023 could drop by up to 25% in the first quarter.

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Buying a home in Canada can seem like an impossible task for a lot of Canadians — and it's not hard to see why.

A recent report by ratehub found that individuals hoping to buy their own home in many Canadian cities would actually need to earn a six figure salary to afford it.

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Housing in Canada can be a complicated situation, especially with the rising prices in major cities like Toronto making home ownership feel almost impossible for first-time buyers.

However, it's apparently not putting young people aged between 18 and 28 off, as Gen Z are still interested in living either in a big city, or in the nearby suburbs.

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Depending on where you live, buying a house in Canada might feel like a pipe dream. But, there are cities across the country where the average sale price of a home is actually below $600,000.

According to a study conducted by real estate company SaveMax, there are a few major Canadian hubs where homes are being sold for less than a bank-breaking amount.

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