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If you love Hocus Pocus and have always wanted to see Salem, Massachusetts, in the fall, these small towns in Canada with the same New-England vibe should definitely be on your list of places to visit this season.

These charming towns and quaint villages have cobblestone streets, historic buildings and Halloween events that will have you feeling like you could run into the Sanderson sisters at any moment.

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The east coast is calling! If you're looking for summer adventures in Canada's Ocean Playground, look no further. There are tons of magical things to do in Nova Scotia that you'll definitely want to put on your list.

The province offers stunning beaches that look like they belong in another country, beautiful rugged coastlines, historic towns and lighthouses to explore, as well as an endless number of fun activities that are perfect for both tourists and locals alike.

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Halifax is a beautiful city with so much to do, but there is even more to do and discover discover just outside of the city. Now that fall is here, you and you're bestie have to find things to do that don't include sitting on a bench at the Beergarden, and eating ice cream.

If you and you're BFF are broke AF, taking advantage of cheap weekend day trips will save your bank account and give you something to do that doesn't include spending your entire weekend at home or at Splitties. Plus, there is literally nothing better than trekking around the outskirts of the city with your bestie.

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What better way to finish off the summer, than an epic road trip with your squad! This trip takes a total of 11 hours and 26 minutes, so be sure to bring lots of road trip snacks and some sunscreen. Starting out on Cape Breton Island and ending right in the heart of the province, this road trip is the perfect way to end your summer. 

These amazing places in Nova Scotia make the perfect road trip destinations for you and your squad to visit before the summer is over. Be sure to check out all of these amazing destinations and ensure that you bring a map (or let's be real, a phone charger) 

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After you’ve spent a long day exploring the historic town of Lunenburg, there’s nothing better than a delicious meal and a cold drink on the patio of one of these fourteen local gems.  Whether you’ve lived in Lunenburg your whole life, or plan on road tripping out for a visit this summer, be sure to stop by one of these fourteen restaurants if you’re looking to try a delicious local meal.

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