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This stunning tiny island in B.C. looks like a little piece of Hawaii with white sandy beaches and it's perfect if you're hoping to sneak in one last mini vacation.

Savary Island is a little slice of paradise and best of all, it's only a short ferry ride to get there.

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Making new friends in Toronto can be intimidating, whether you're a newcomer or not. Between busy schedules and cross-town commutes, it can be challenging to meet people even in Canada’s biggest city.

But it's not impossible. Torontonians may seem intimidating, but really, they're typically friendly and eager to socialize — you just need to go to the right places. Picking a fun activity will help ease you out of your comfort zone and into the bustling Toronto community.

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Good morning — Andrew from Narcity here! ☕

Psst... You can now sign up for the (far superior) email version of the Canada Morning Brief right here.

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If you've been dreaming of a relaxing beach getaway but don't want to travel across the world, you're in luck because B.C. is filled with stunning little beach towns.

To make it even more magical, these towns are located on tiny islands with some breathtaking sandy beaches, and they'll make you forget you're even in Canada.

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There's another reason to look forward to summer. A lavender farm near Toronto is opening its fields to the public for the very first time, and you can stroll through rows of purple.

Hereward Farms is a family-run venue located just outside of Orangeville, about an hour from Toronto. The farm, which began to take root in 2020, specializes in "farm-to-skin" products created with lavender grown on site.

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