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A conspiracy theory on social media that images of firefighters at the scene of a bombing in Ukraine are actually from a fire in Edmonton has been debunked — and there's actually a pretty simple reason why.

Social media users spotted a firefighter in Ukraine wearing a jacket with "Edmonton" written on the back. The footage, used by CNN in the aftermath of a Russian attack on a fuel storage site in Lviv, Ukraine, sparked a theory that the images were fake.

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A woman from Pennsylvania thought she was doing the right thing by helping out at the scene of a car crash.

What she didn't expect was that she'd have a close encounter with a very irritated monkey — or that her story would inspire a bunch of movie-like conspiracy theories and fears.

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Some people are claiming online that Travis Scott and Drake were doing something "satanic" during the deadly events of the Astroworld festival.

TikTok is trying to crack down on some conspiracy theories about the concert held on November 5 in Houston, where eight people died and dozens more were injured in a crowd surge. The death toll rose to nine after 22-year-old Bharti Shahani died in hospital days later.

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In the middle of a diplomatic trip to the Netherlands, Justin Trudeau has issued a severe warning about the threat of disinformation in Canada and around the world.

He spoke to the country's parliament on Thursday, October 28, and said that various bad actors threatened the "positive values" that Canada and the Netherlands share.

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Being a celebrity, you have to assume there will always be gossip about you. Kylie Jenner stated in her new show Life of Kylie that she reads crazy and untrue stuff about herself every single day. Must be exhausting!

However, conspiracy theories are completely different than just regular gossip. I mean, celebrities die and one person thinks they see a lookalike on the street, and the conspiracy theory starts. A glitch in an interview suddenly makes someone a hologram. It's all super crazy, but we'd all be lying if we said we didn't believe some of it. 

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