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Female tennis players and women at the Wimbledon Championships are challenging the tournament's all-white dress code as outdated, especially since it makes life that much harder for athletes who are menstruating.

The tournament has been enforcing these rules for 145 years, but critics say it's about time they loosen up their all-white rules to make the dress code more forgiving in 2022.

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An Ottawa school board unveiled the latest version of its dress code this week, saying "all students have the right to express themselves in school through their choice of clothing, hairstyles, jewelry, and accessories.”

The Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) shared the update on June 6 as part of its Safe Schools Policies. The new dress code will allow students to wear spaghetti straps, halter tops, midriff-baring shirts, ripped jeans, bandanas, and hats, along with other specified items of clothing.

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Canada's NDP is trying to get rid of what's being called an "archaic" and "gender-based" dress code in the House of Commons.

According to The Canadian Press, NDP MP Randall Garrison said that his party will ask for the proper attire rules to be updated when Parliament returns on November 22 so they're more inclusive and accommodating to transgender, non-binary and two-spirit MPs.

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Low-cut uniform tops have always been a thing at Hooters, but staff say the restaurant went too far with its new bottoms.

You know, the things that used to be called shorts?

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