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The City of Toronto is getting ready to spray away Toronto's pesky spongy moths this weekend.

In a news release posted on May 20, the city announced that they would be starting the first rounds of its aerial spray program in multiple areas, anticipating seeing "high populations" of LDD moths, also known as spongy moths or European gypsy moths.

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Did you pass by Toronto's High Park on Friday and think the park was on fire? Well, don't freak out, because it was planned and on purpose.

The City of Toronto tweeted on April 16 that they were "preparing for a #PrescribedBurn in #HighPark this spring 2022."

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If you've been waiting all year, or for the past two years, to finally see cherry blossoms in Toronto, your time has finally come.

According to Steven Joniak, a Toronto sakura expert who runs the Sakura in High Park website, blossom buds were in stages three and four in High Park as of April 22.

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High Park is home to some of Toronto's iconic cherry blossom trees, which people flock to during the spring months.

But soon, visitors will be in for a smoky surprise (and it won't be from someone's BBQ).

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With live music making a comeback in Toronto, concert-lovers in the 6ix may be happy to learn that they'll be getting a three-week live music festival this summer.

For the first time ever, Canadian Stage will be presenting a music concert series called Dream in High Park Summer Music Festival in the 6ix, which is set to run from June 30 to July 15 this year.

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