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cherry blossoms

If you've been waiting all year, or for the past two years, to finally see cherry blossoms in Toronto, your time has finally come.

According to Steven Joniak, a Toronto sakura expert who runs the Sakura in High Park website, blossom buds were in stages three and four in High Park as of April 22.

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Spring is in full swing, and the only thing that's still missing is those beautiful pink blooms. Cherry blossoms are about to appear in High Park, and one expert reveals when you can finally see them.

Steven Joniak is a Toronto sakura expert who has run a website for 10 years that tracks the blossoms in the city. On Tuesday, he revealed that residents will likely be able to see the flowers by the end of this month.

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What better way to enjoy the spring blooms than with a side of booze and biking? This Niagara wine tour will take you on a trip past blossoming orchards for a stunning adventure.

Grape Escape Wine Tours has officially reopened for the season, and you can book a bike ride experience around various Niagara vineyards.The tours are extra beautiful during the spring, when the orchards in the area burst into vibrant pink blooms.

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Cherry blossom season is here, which means it's time to get your cameras ready for that perfect photo in front of one of these gorgeous trees.

The stunning pink blooms are only here for a little bit, so you have to know how to capture them perfectly.

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Located just outside of Toronto is a stunning floral trail that belongs in a fairytale. Spencer Smith Park in Burlington is home to a pathway of cherry blossoms, and it's like wandering through a fragrant pink tunnel.

The park is located along the waterfront and boasts spectacular views of Lake Ontario. You can stroll along a short pathway lined with sakura trees for a dreamy spring adventure, and you'll definitely want to snap some photos. The light pink blooms and surrounding water make this a serene place to experience the season.

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