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northern ontario weather

Ontario may be starting to warm up in some areas, but not everyone in the province can look forward to a mild weekend, with freezing rain and snowstorms expected to roll in.

Environment Canada has issued 13 special weather statements for freezing rain in southern Ontario, 13 special weather statements for snow and freezing rain in northern Ontario, and three winter storm watches for this weekend.

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Throw on your warmest gloves and toque because Ontario's weather forecast is calling for some extremely cold temperatures for parts of the province today.

On February 14, Environment Canada issued 24 extreme cold warnings for northern Ontario, covering almost the entire northern half of the province except for a few spots like Greater Sudbury, North Bay, Manitoulin, Pickle Lake and Sandy Lake.

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Northern Ontario's winter weather is living up to its chilling reputation, with temperatures in some areas predicted to drop down to extreme lows with freezing wind chill values on Thursday night.

Environment Canada is warning of "extreme cold" in parts of Northern Ontario this evening and into Friday morning, with temperatures predicted to hit between -32 and -37 depending on the area.

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There's snow way out of Ontario's weather this week because it will look like the inside of a snowglobe in many parts across the province (so you might want to take a rain, ahem, snow check on your plans.)

Environment Canada issued several special weather statements Tuesday morning, warning of serious snowfall across parts of northwestern and far northwestern Ontario.

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