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From sweet to savoury, Nanaimo bars to all-dressed chips, Canadians have some much-loved treats and snacks that visitors love to try out.

The TikTok account @polkadotpassport, run by Nicola, who is from the U.K., aims to explore different foods of the world, and she recently gave some ratings out to some Canuck staples.

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Ever since I arrived in the country a few months ago, I've been trying to find some of the best poutine in Canada.

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Ryan Gosling was recently presented with a variety of snacks and had to make some tough calls on which ones he preferred.

The Canadian celeb sat down with LadBible, who pitted snacks from Canada and the U.K. against each other and made Gosling pick a winner.

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Il est facile de dire que la poutine est l'un des mets les plus populaires au Québec et nombreux sont les pays qui essaient de s'approprier cette recette, mais qui souvent, échouent. Un média britannique, LADbible, s'est amusé à faire essayer à l'acteur canadien Ryan Gosling un de leurs mets traditionnels, pour ensuite le « comparer » avec un de nos mets traditionnel, la poutine.

La plupart des anglophones prononcent pou-teen, mais Ryan, qui est originaire de London en Ontario, prononce parfaitement le met constitué de frites, de fromages en grains et de sauce brune.

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A Canadian TikToker hilariously explained the way to gravy for poutine in Canada and it's something "only Canadians will understand."

@chefthomson, who works at Mountain Woods Golf Club in New Brunswick, posts videos on TikTok about the creations at the club's kitchen which include poutine of course.

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