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shark attack

It's shark season in the Atlantic, and a handful of great white sharks have migrated to South Carolina's coast. OCEARCH, a non-profit organization that collects ocean research, is tracking three of these massive species under the sea.

All of these sea animals are more than 10 feet long and over 600 lbs., with the biggest one, Breton, being 13 feet 3 inches and 1,437 lbs.

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America's deadliest beaches were ranked, and while Florida beaches are a popular vacation destination attracting tourists galore, much of the state's coastline made the list.

Travel Lens, an online travel publication, even categorized seven, out of the ten locations, shores in the Sunshine State as "deadly." In fact, each of the listed entries is on the east coast of the U.S.

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A U.S. cruise ship passenger was attacked and killed by a shark while snorkeling at a popular spot in the Bahamas earlier this week, officials say.

The passenger, a 58-year-old mother from Pennsylvania, was on holiday with her family on the Royal Caribbean ship Harmony of the Seas, reported CNN.

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As shark attacks continue to be a threat in the U.S., one beach in Florida remains the "Shark Bite Capital Of The World", according to the Florida Museum of Natural History.

From 1882 until today, the largest number of these bites lie in Volusia County. The museum reported last year that the Sunshine State took up 60% of shark attacks in 2021.

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Several shark attacks have been reported off the coast of Long Island, New York over the past two weeks.

One surfer was knocked off his paddle board on Wednesday and was bitten on the leg by a shark on Smith Point County Park beach. He escaped after punching the underwater predator.

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