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More than 140 people were killed and roughly 150 more were injured in Seoul on Saturday night after a stampede broke out during Halloween celebrations in the South Korean city.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

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K-pop fans won't be hearing new music from BTS anytime soon, as the wildly popular South Korean band is stepping back to serve in their country's military.

The Bangtan Boys' management group, Big Hit Music, announced the news on Monday, dashing many fans' hopes that South Korea's No. 1 band would be able to keep the music going a little longer.

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If you didn't watch Squid Game in its original Korean, did you even really watch it?

The wildly popular Netflix show loses a bit of its edge when translated into English subtitles, according to a bilingual TikToker's viral explainer video.

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Breaking news: the hit Netflix show Squid Game isn't real, but a key phone number in the series definitely is.

Pranksters have reportedly flooded a South Korean man's phone with calls to get in on the series' game after his number appeared on a business card in the first episode.

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Travelling is not for the weak. Especially when there's so much to do when you're out in the world! Each part of the world offers an experience like none other.

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