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Ontario is a truly enchanted place. It's got everything from surreal waterfalls and secret spots, to charming small towns and spectacular provincial parks.

But there's one special place in Ontario that embodies all of the aforementioned features. The best part? It's only a few hours away from Toronto.

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Fvck bein' on some chill shit, you need a costume for Halloween so let's go 0 to 100 real quick. Throw on your best OVO shirt and get a new fade for that famous drizzy hairdo. The eyebrows also appear to be a popular thing too.

Halloween is awesome because we get to dress up as our favourite people, and Drake is definitely one of the faves. Rep your favourite song by being one of the Hotline Bling girls or just straight up writing the lyrics on your shirt.

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Winter just got way better because Ice Castles are coming to Winnipeg this year! We totally just levelled up, like when you get to the castle at the end of Mario except this is real life and the castle looks so much cooler! 

There are only 6 locations in North America and only 2 in Canada and we are one of them! The other location will be in Edmonton. 

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Winter is about to become a wonderland because the Ice Castles are coming back to Edmonton this year! If you didn't go last year make sure you don't miss it this year as they change the locations every year.

There are only 6 locations throughout Canada and the United States with only 2 being in Canada. The other location will be in Winnipeg this year. You can't buy tickets yet but last year the prices were $18 weekday/$20 weekend for all ages 12+,  $12 weekday/$15 weekend for ages 4-11, and free for ages 3 and under.

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Take your girl out for something a bit above basic. Fall is perfect for all those basic bitch things and don't get me wrong, they are great. Pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, toques, scarfs, I could go on. But since that's what we do every day though, try something different for your date.

Alberta has so many incredible things to do that every date could be epic. Jasper and Banff can literally make your dating life the most amazing ever. Here are 11 Incredible Dates To Take Your Girlfriend On This Fall In Alberta.

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