Ontario is a truly enchanted place. It's got everything from surreal waterfalls and secret places, to charming small towns and spectacular provincial parks.

But there's one special place in Ontario that embodies all of the aforementioned features. The best part? It's only a few hours away from Toronto.

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Manitoulin Island is a paradise nestled within the waters of the great Lake Huron. A 4-hour drive to the tip of the Tobermory peninsula precedes a short ferry ride destined for the island, where thrilling adventures await your arrival.

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Upon stepping off the ferry, you'll be greeted with the most stunning displays of nature and wildlife. Beautiful trees and wildflowers line the trails you walk on, and along the way you'll come across towering cliffs that give the most breathtaking views of the island landscape.

Of the countless things to check out on the island, there are a few areas in particular that you definitely must see during your visit. Providence Bay is the largest sandy beach on the island, and it features a gorgeous boardwalk, snack shops, and play parks for any young ones you may be with. Misery Bay is another beach with shallow waters that sometimes gets so warm you'll want to spend an entire day in it.

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Tucked away in the northern central region of the island are the Bridal Veil Falls - a glorious fount of water that spills into a clear blue, swimmable base lake. There are also the infamous Cup and Saucer hiking trails to check out, which terminate at cliffs that provide unforgettable panoramic views of the entire island.

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Visit Manitoulin Island's tourism website to plan your trip to paradise today!

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