Netflix's 'Sex/Life' Stars Share Their Favourite Restaurants In Toronto (VIDEO)

“It’s my favourite city of all time, I love it.”

Narcity Canada Managing Editor

Sex/Life fans get ready! The steamy hit drama is back for season two on Netflix and the stars were quick to spill all the dirty details with Narcity — from what it was like filming those “awkward” nude scenes to their all-time favourite restaurants in Toronto.

Narcity caught up with Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos, who play the show's two seemingly star-crossed lovers Billie and Brad, and Margaret Odette, who plays Sasha, ahead of the season two premiere on March 2.

When they weren't talking about sex, the trio couldn't help but rave about a few go-to restaurants they used to hit up after a long day of filming in Toronto.

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“It’s my favourite city of all time, I love it,” Demos told Narcity, "and when it’s snowing and you’re cruising around Ossington streets, like come on — having a few whiskies here and there, it’s unbelievable.”

Demos called Mamakas Taverna his "favourite Greek place ever," before he and Shahi gave Union a shoutout for the "best burgers."

The duo, who are romantically involved IRL, also listed Mildred's Temple Kitchen near King Street West for the "best pancakes you’ve probably ever had” — and Shahi said she considers all three to be among their favourite date spots in the city.

Le Gourmand's chocolate chip cookies also got some love from the cast, before Odette added Craig's Cookies and The Drake Hotel to the long list of faves in Toronto.

The cast spent months filming both seasons one and two of the Sex/Life series in the city, and if you pay close attention, you'll be able to spot a number of well-known landmarks, including the Royal Ontario Museum, Roy Thomson Hall, The Opera House, Lena Restaurant, and The Comrade.

Production was also spotted filming in Trinity Bellwoods, Noce Restaurant and Wycliffe College just last year for season two.

Margaret Odette and Sarah Shahi in Sex/Life season 2Margaret Odette and Sarah Shahi in Sex/Life season 2Courtesy of Netflix Canada

Fans can expect everything from full frontal nudity and oral sex to some marathon lovemaking to appear on screen this season, and with all the racy scenes the cast had to shoot, it's no wonder their fave local spots came in handy when they needed to blow off steam.

"For I think all of us doing those sex scenes, it does take a bunch of vulnerability," Shahi admitted. "Nobody wants to be naked in front of the crew and people you don't know ... It's awkward, you have these taped bits that sometimes fall off and you're like, 'Uhhhh' and you feel like it's the first day of school and you've shown up without any clothes on."

Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos in Sex/Life season two shower sceneSarah Shahi and Adam Demos in Sex/Life season two shower sceneCourtesy of Netflix

Fortunately, Shahi said the show's intimacy coordinator Casey Hudecki really helped them dissect each scene, walking them through the movements and creating a safe atmosphere when the clothes came off.

"She does such a great job of pulling the actors aside and trying to make sure you rehearse movements, because when you're faking it, sometimes it's like, 'Wait, do I go up and down? Or do I go sideways? Which one do I do again? And which one do you do?' Yeah, it gets confusing."

Safe to say, after all that huffing and puffing, you'd probably appreciate a chocolate chip cookie from Le Gourmand, too.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Samantha Peksa
Narcity Canada Managing Editor
Samantha Peksa is the Managing Editor for Narcity Canada and is based in Toronto, Ontario.