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7 Tips & Tricks To Make Your Beauty Regimen More Eco-Friendly

Make a difference and style consciously.

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7 Tips & Tricks To Make Your Beauty Regimen More Eco-Friendly

With Earth Day around the corner, there's no better time to start implementing eco-friendly practices into your life.

It turns out your ecological footprint may be larger than you think. According to the Environmental Careers Organization of Canada, many Canadians' current lifestyles simply aren’t sustainable, given the planet's limited resources.

When it comes to your eco-conscious journey, tweaking your hair and beauty routine for environmentally friendly alternatives is another great way to make a positive change. Swapping out regular products for eco-friendly ones from Chatters is a step in the right direction.

Because, ideally, you want to be sure you're purchasing items from a retailer that's transparent about where they're from, how they're made and how they're packaged.

Chatters is a destination of choice when searching for eco-friendly hair care, both online and in store. As Canada's largest salon-based retailer, they're one of the ultimate suppliers of cruelty free, clean, sustainable and vegan haircare goods — even their services are sustainable.

With their Style Consciously Initiative, Chatters has made it their mission to help clients make mindful selections that benefit their health, lifestyle and the planet.

If you're willing to create a resource-efficient future, here are seven things you can do for an eco-friendly approach to your beauty regime.

Shop Clean, Cruelty Free, Vegan & Sustainable Haircare

As stated on the Chatters' blog, "Choosing hair and beauty products that are free from toxins, considerate of the environment and cause no harm to animals can not only benefit you, it can also benefit the world around you."

Through their Style Consciously Initiative, Chatters can help you identify carefully vetted products that qualify as one or more of their four pillars: clean, cruelty free, vegan and sustainable.

Their vegan products are formulated without animal derivatives and harmful ingredients like sulphates and parabens.

So if you're on the lookout for products that will leave your hair (and the environment) feeling fresh, Style Consciously can help you identify greener, kinder products and brands.

Get An Environmentally Conscious Haircut

On average, up to 178 pounds of salon waste, including hair, metals and hair-colour by-product, ends up in landfills and waterways each day. Chatters is hoping to change this by partnering with Green Circle Salons to divert 95% of their salon waste from landfills.

Green Circle Salons allows Chatters to recycle over one million pounds of hair, aluminum foils, packaging and single-use PPE materials every year, repurposing them for other commodities.

So rather than sending hair clippings to a landfill, the hair at Chatters will be repurposed as a hair boom to help clean oil spills or turned into bioplastics to create items like recycling bins.

While you're in the salon, grab some of the cult faves available, like the DESIGN ME Puff.Me Sea Salt Infinite Mist Spray or VIRTUE Recovery Shampoo.

Save Your Bubble Bath For Once A Week

A survey shows that an average bath requires 36 gallons of water, while a standard shower uses five gallons per minute — meaning a 20-minute shower might use up to 100 gallons.

If you're someone who's known to use up all the hot water, try opting for a luxurious bubble bath instead of a shower. Fill the tub halfway or limit your bath to once per week to conserve even more water.

Try PUREOLOGY Hydrate Shampoo, and while you're lathering in the tub, you can apply a hair treatment like the AG HAIR Reconstruct Strengthening Mask to show your locks a little love. Finish off with LOMA Nourishing Oil Treatment for the ultimate eco-friendly haircare lineup.

Take Shorter Showers

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If baths aren't your thing, shower devotees can opt for a water-saving showerhead, which reduces consumption to a max of two gallons of water per minute. You can also set a timer or make a playlist that's 10 minutes long (or less) to keep track of how much water you're using.

While you're in there, treat yourself with environmentally conscious products that'll leave you feeling refreshed and guilt free. Pro tip: use the ACURE Brightening Facial Scrub, featuring sea kelp, to help detoxify and brighten your skin.

Now you can avoid those scary water bills — it's a win for both the planet and your wallet.

Look For Sustainable Packaging

With sustainability being one of the Style Consciously pillars, Chatters strives to reduce the amount of plastic waste within the beauty community.

Products labelled as “sustainable” at Chatters use at least 50% recycled or bio-sourced materials. Hair care from Hempz, Pureology, LOMA, Paul Mitchell and ABBA — including their Gentle Shampoo — fall under the sustainable pillar.

They can also be refilled or recycled, meaning less waste — just be sure to dispose of them properly.

To make this easier for consumers, Chatters has collaborated with Biolage for April and May to offer you 20% off your Biolage purchase in store, in exchange for empty shampoo and conditioner bottles.

Squeeze The Tube For Every Last Drop Of Product

Before rushing to purchase a new product, finish what you have first.

Using all of your existing products before disposing of them can help alleviate the issue of excessive waste. Once your item has served its purpose, expand your horizons and pick up the environmentally friendly alternative.

Opt For Reusable Makeup-Removing Methods

Disposable products — like makeup wipes and cotton pads — can take years to break down. Or, if flushed down the toilet, they can contribute to sewage backup and ocean pollution.

One simple step that can help the planet is opting for reusable makeup-remover products. Plus, you'll save some money too.

The Original MakeUp Eraser is a great option and effectively removes all makeup just like a throwaway wipe would (if not better).

To ensure your skin is squeaky clean, use a moisturizing makeup-remover as a final step. The ACURE Seriously Soothing Jelly Milk Makeup Remover washes everything away (including waterproof mascara).

Living a sustainable lifestyle doesn't have to be complicated. Chatters helps make environmentally friendly living more accessible.

They offer Style Conscious products that are clean, vegan, cruelty free and sustainable, along with services that help reduce your carbon footprint.

By making some simple adjustments, you can make a positive impact. So, next time you're out of your favourite shampoo, reach for a sustainable or vegan option instead.

Your hair and the planet will thank you.

To learn more about Chatters and their Style Consciously Initiative, visit their website or shop in store at one of their 114 locations nationwide.

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