2020 has taken a lot from us, including some of our favorite Taco Bell items, but one restaurant in Austin has decided to rise up and bring back what we deserve.

Taco Fuego, a limited-time pop-up in the state capital has made a mission to resurrect some classic Taco Bell items, but with a slight twist.

The Mexican Pizza, 7-layer burrito and the double-decker taco are all among the items being brought back to life.

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9 Discontinued Taco Bell items available 

The pop-up will only be open for one day on Wednesday, December 9.

You are able to submit a pre-order for these long-lost items, but availability is likely limited.

Taco Bell made the brutal announcement earlier this year that some fan-favorite items were being taken off the menu to make room for newer goodies.

It's safe to say that fans of the bell were not happy.

But perhaps Taco Fuego is the hero we all need this year, as it is bringing back something we all lost and so desperately need right about now, a Taco Bell 7-layer burrito.