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Sure, you could spend your day off in Baltimore, after all, there is certainly no shortage of great destinations in the city... But you can only do the same thing so many times before it loses its novelty, right?

Absolutely. And that's why we did all the hard work for you, rounding up this list of spontaneous day trips less than three hours from the city. The best part? From amusement to nature parks, urban exploration to commercial destinations, there's something on this list for whatever you feel like doing.

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Bored in Baltimore? There's no such thing - at least, there's no excuse for it. Even when your friends are all busy and you're alone, there are a ton of great things for you to do to pass the time.

From working on your physique to treating yourself to a much-needed chill day, you will never need to be bored again because of your friend's busy schedules. Plus, they'll be jealous you're having so much fun without them. It's a win/win situation and you can thank me later - for now, get out there and have a blast partying solo.

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Baltimore is one hell of a city. It's hard not to love a city that's been referenced constantly in song lyrics. It always feels like the city is buzzing with energy with so many new and exciting places to explore.

Everybody falls into that trap of reading or seeing photos of new establishments on Instagram and saying, "Oh, I should go there," but never actually doing it. That list gets longer and longer, kind of like your Netflix list.

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As you get older, it seems like it gets harder and harder to round up your friends for a road trip even if it's for an afternoon. Everybody has different schedules and it always seems like life gets in the way.

But road trips don't have to involve intense preparation or coordination, especially if the destination is kind of right in your backyard. There are so many treasures that are right under your nose. You just have to get it together and drive, drive, drive.

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