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Rick Ross Might Have To Take A COVID-19 Test Before He Can Visit His Kids In Georgia

Florida rapper is currently in a custody battle.

In order to see his kids, a Florida rapper must get tested for COVID-19. Rick Ross' ex-girlfriend filed documents requesting him to be tested for the novel coronavirus. According to reports, Ross is currently in the middle of a custody battle with his ex.

In court documents unearthed by TMZ, Briana Singleton claims that Ross was allegedly breaking stay-at-home orders based on videos he's posted on his Instagram. The videos show the rapper traveling outside of Georgia.

Singleton is requesting, “certain health, safety, and precautionary provisions,” TMZ reports.

The Miami rapper and Singleton, who goes by Camile in the suit, have two children together, a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old.

The lawsuit alleges that Ross hasn’t seen his children in over six months, but that he now wants to see them. However, the coronavirus has made the custody battle complicated, and Singleton is concerned about Ross’ health, citing, "constant use of marijuana."

In March, Ross appeared in a PSA with fellow celebrities asking that residents stay home due to the rapid spread of the virus.

The lawsuit was filed in Fayette County, Georgia, and she’s requested an emergency hearing on the matter, according to TMZ. Ross and Singleton broke up around New Years'.

Ross broke out on the music scene with the 2006 anthemic hit "Hustlin'," and has since gone on to have numerous hit albums and songs, and popularizing the "Maybach" sound that can still be heard in rap today. 

While Ross is still rapping, in recent years he has become an entrepreneur, becoming a franchise owner in both the WingStop and Checkers fast-food chains, the latter of which he owns locations in Miami.