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You Can Visit This Hidden Castle In Western Pennsylvania's Rural Countryside

Dine royally without a price tag to match!

Tucked away behind all those cornfields, the Keystone State is full of wonders that few people know about. Sure, we might not have Disney World or the Las Vegas Strip - but we do have plenty of unique places to visit in Pennsylvania

Hidden gems aplenty, you probably never heard of this let alone been here, but about an hour outside of Pittsburgh you will find a handsome castle on a hill fit for a fairytale; and you can actually venture inside! 

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This Haunted Hotel In Western Pennsylvania Is Nightmare Inducing

Sleep tight - and don't pay attention to what goes "bump" in the night!

With October fast approaching, you are most definitely dotting your i's and crossing your t's on that spooky bucket list. But if you are missing the Hotel Conneaut then you should probably make a little extra room; every pun intended. 

If you're in search of a little haunting, this hotel has the ghosts for you. As part of Conneaut Lake Park - you know, that little itty-bitty theme park that your grandparents probably went to once or twice as a kid - the Hotel Conneaut has been around for a pretty darn long time.

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Round Trip Flights For Under $400 You Can Get From Pittsburgh Right Now

Pack your bags because you're going on an adventure

I can think of several reasons why you need to take a vacation, like to get away from the bi-polar Pittsburgh weather, to treat yourself, and most importantly, because flights are going cheap.

We totally understand that this is the time of the year when you are trying to save money so you can get everyone those gifts they deserve, and that is why we have rounded up these amazing round-trip flight deals all over the world you can book right now - you know, so you can finally invest in a little R&R for #1 and still have money left over for the holidays. 

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32 Pittsburgh Groupons You Must Take Advantage Of This November 2018

Black Friday has nothing on these deals!

You're always on the hunt for a good deal, and there's no better time of the year to be coupon cutting than right before the holidays - after all, Black Friday exists for a reason. While saving your money is definitely important so you can treat your loved ones to those well-deserved gifts, you totally deserve to treat yourself too

Luckily Groupon is here to help you do just that, but for a fraction of the price and without the hassle of dodging crowds of crazy determined deal shoppers. In fact, you may just be able to find some cheap gifts as well - saving you more money to spend on the things you've been wanting.

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Short And Sweet Road Trips From Pittsburgh That Aren't To Cleveland

No hard feelings Clevelanders, but Steelers fans prefer it this way.

It is not that we have anything against Cleveland, but there are definitely other great road trips to take from Pittsburgh that aren't to one of our rival football team cities. And let's be honest, chances are you have already visited Cleveland as it is one of the closest big cities to the 'Burgh. 

So, with that in mind, we have rounded up a list of short and sweet road trips from Pittsburgh that are not to Cleveland, that you absolutely must put on your travel bucket list ASAP. From woodland resorts to unbelievable state parks — even secret amusement parks — there is something for everyone on the diverse list below, so grab a friend and start planning your road trip getaway today!

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18 Things To Do With Your Kids This Fall In Pennsylvania That Don't Include Pumpkin Patches

Get out there and have fun before winter rolls in.

It's the peak of the fall season in Pennsylvania, and there's one thing you're probably already tired of hearing about: pumpkin patches. Sure, the kids love riding in the hay wagon, running through the corn mazes and of course, picking their very own pumpkin - but you can only do the same thing so many times before it loses its novelty, and no one understands that better than us.

So we have rounded up these 18 things to do with your kiddos this fall in Pennsylvania that don't include going to the pumpkin patches; the only thing you need to do is get ready to pack up the kids and make some great memories this season that'll last a lifetime.

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