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Ruby Cruz might be the lead actress in the new Willow series on Disney+, but fans can probably find more info online about her character, Kit Tanthalos, than they can about the actress herself.

Narcity recently sat down with Cruz and asked her what she has in common with Kit, the swashbuckling daughter of Madmartigan (Val Kilmer) whom she plays in the new series.

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Tony Revolori is done playing the sidekick, and while he finally gets a chance to take a lead role in the Willow series on Disney+, he’s not ready to stop there.

Revolori takes on the role of Prince Graydon in the new series on Disney+, which sees him join a band of adventurers on a classic fantasy quest — with a touch of Gen Z humor and charm.

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Maya Rudolph may be the queen of comedy, but her role in Disenchanted shows a different side of the actress as she gets to explore a darker character in the sequel to the beloved Enchanted film.

Rudolph is a new addition to the cast but has no problem fitting right in as the scheming Malvina Monroe.

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We last saw Amy Adams' princess-to-be, Giselle, 15 years ago in Enchanted, when she was pushed out of her fairytale life only to find love with a guy in the more cynical real world.

But did they really live happily ever after?

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Que ce soit Le Miracle sur la 34e rue, Le Grincheux ou même Harry Potter, tout le monde a son film classique de Noël et pour plusieurs 90's kids, ce titre revient à la saga Sur les traces du Père Noël. Dès la sortie du premier d'une série de trois, en 1994, les fans sont tombé.es en amour avec cet univers féérique qui leur a fait croire un petit peu trop longtemps au bonhomme à la barbe blanche!

Eh bien, sors le chocolat chaud, ton pyjama à pattes et ta nostalgie, car on apprend maintenant que, plus de quinze ans plus tard, la minisérie The Santa Clauses débarque sur la plateforme de streaming Disney+. Ce 27 octobre, la bande-annonce est sortie et tout y est pour te ramener en enfance.

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